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 *  We refer out for therapy

Gena accepts most public and private insurance plans including Medicare (if referred from Glen Oaks)  and some Medicaid plans, BCBS, Cigna, & Aetna.

All new patients receive a  30-45 minute psychiatric evaluation. Gena is currently accepting a limited amount of new patients. 

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The Psychiatric Group consists of 3 Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners and a Psychiatrist. 

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  Call 903-454-7200 for scheduling.

Call Us:  903-454-7200

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How is a Nurse Practitioner (NP) different from a Doctor?

Once an NP has a collaborating physician, she is then able to diagnose patient conditions, prescribe recommended treatment including medication, order labs and other testing as appropriate, and refer to other healthcare providers as needed. NP's are different from physicians in their education and their approach to care. They often take a more holistic approach to patient care. While most of our patients do require medication, it is Gena's goal to ensure we are also addressing other important needs such as: nutrition, sleep hygiene and exercise. She also encourages patients to meet with a therapist/counselor to work on coping strategies, work through trauma, deal with new diagnoses, work on behavioral issues, and address other life stressors. 


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  • We are excited to announce our new location at 4511 Stonewall on October 1, 2016! 
  • Dante Burgos, MD is now the Medical Director at Glen Oaks Hospital right here in Greenville, Texas as of November 2015.

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